Mic Knight, Visual Artist                                                                           Curriculum Vitae                        
Education  &  Employment,   Grants,  Collections,  Solo  &  Juried  Exhibitions,     Invited Group Exhibitions



               Masters Fine Arts:             Florida State University, Tallahassee 1993

               Bachelors Fine Arts:         University of South Florida, Tampa 1989

               Bachelor Chemistry:         Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina.

               Welding Certificates:        Tampa Bay Vocational, 1986-87, 1990: Gas, Arc, TIG,&MIG


EMPLOYMENT & FREELANCE ARTS WORKS:   adjunct visual arts instructor,

                             Videographer, Camera Person, production assistance works, and arts department.

            2012                    Aluminum Fabrications (commissioned), Hammock Publishing Logo

            2012                    Video Camera Work with Jim Webb Works, Tampa

            2011                    Video Camera Work & Production Assistance with Victoria Jorgensen, Tampa

            2010                     Sculpture Fabricated for Theater Set, 620Gallery, St. Pete

            2008/9:                Teaching, Youth Arts Corps Arts Instructor, Family Resources, Pinellas Park

            2007                    Assist To Art Director, Minaret Films,  Art Dept:  "The Gray Area," Tampa

            2006                    Teaching, Tampa Museum Of Art, Tampa, Arts Club Constructive Project

            2004                    Fabrication & Restoration of Sculptures,  Leepa-Rattner Museum, Tarpon Springs

            2003                    Teaching, 3DDesign2, St. Pete College, Seminole Campus

            2002                    Teaching, Drawing One, St. Pete College, Tarpon Springs Campus

            2001                    Teaching, Drawing 1, & Sculpture Instructor, HCC, Ybor, Tampa, FL

            1998                    Teaching, Sculpture Beginning, Hillsborough Comm. College, Ybor, Tampa, FL.

                                        Teaching, Design Foundations, Hillsborough Comm. College, Ybor, Tampa, FL.

            1997                    Teaching, Drawing One, St. Pete Junior College, Clearwater, FL.

                                        Teaching, Design Foundations, St. Pete Junior College, Clearwater, FL.

                                        Teaching, Objects of Drawing. Florida Gulf Coast Arts Center, Bellaire, FL.

             1996                   Teaching, 2-D Design One, University of Tampa, Tampa, FL.

                                        Teaching, Beginning Drawing 1, Hillsborough Comm. College, Plant City, FL.

                                       Teaching, Objects of Drawing, Florida Gulf Coast Arts Center, Bellaire, FL.

              1995                 Teaching, Drawing I for Non Drawers, St. Leo College, St. Leo, FL

                                       Teaching, 2D Design Fundamentals I, St. Leo College, St. Leo, FL.

                                       Teaching, Maquette to Metal. intro welding, FL Gulf Coast Art Center, Bellaire  

            1995/94              Teaching, 3-D DESIGN: University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.

                                       Teaching, Investigative Ideas in Three Dimensions:  FGCAC, Bellaire, FL.

                                       Exhibition Committee: Florida Center for Contemporary Art, Ybor City, FL

            1993 Fall            Teaching, Study Abroad Fellowship:  FSU Firenze Center,       

                                      Florence, Italy.   DRAWING I, and WATERCOLORS I: studio program for

                                      liberal arts students. ref: Dr. Victor Carrabino, Resident Director, Italy:  011-39-55-234-0604.



         1990        "Emerging Artist Grant," Hillsborough County Arts Council, Tampa, FL

                          Funding for aluminum materials to explore scale of figurative pieces.



                 Brad Cooper Gallery, Ybor, Tampa, FL Gallery Representation: 813.248.6098

                 Science Center of Pinellas County (St. Pete Center/Art of Golf'), "Hand," (1996).

                 Center For The Arts, Vero Beach1 FL Drawings (1995).

                 Gulf Coast Museum, Largo, FL Outdoor Sculpture Gardens (1995).

                Art For The Senses: Permanent collection for impaired children, Tallahassee, FL(1994).

                 GTE Informational Systems, Inc., Tampa, Florida (1989).

                 Private Individual Collections and Outdoor Gardens



        2010        "Clouds, Moons, & Mandalas," Pastel Drawings, Weedon Island Exhibition space

        2006       “Gothic & Material LIMITS,” HCC Ybor Gallery, Tampa, C.Kossar: 813.253.7674

        2002        “Point In Time”  Twin Towers Memorial Sculpture, Leepa-Rattner Museum,         

                                St. Pete College Tarpon Springs Campus. ref: L. Whitelaw: 727.712.5225

        1997       "AluminaWorks," NationsBank Arts Atrium, Tampa, re: P. Yonce, 813-238-3778

        1993       "BLIPS, installation" Oglesby Gallery, FSU Arts Center. re: Lydia Keith, 850-644-3434.

        1991       "RecycleableArtifacts-EmergencyStop," TECO Plaza Gallery, Tampa, FL

                           re: Ms. Pat Higgins, Project Specialist: 727.588.2705, (727.733.7732).

        1990        "Paintings," Hillsborough County School Board, Tampa, FL.



          2012      Morean Arts Center, Members Show

            2010      Morean Arts Center, Members Show

             1998     Florida Biennial II, Gulf Coast Museum, Bellaire, jur: Tom Hinson, Cleveland; 

                         Studio Works, FL Gulf Coast, Bellaire, Merit Award, jur: J. Meatyard, Tampa.

            1995     FL Gulf Coast Summer, Bellaire, FL, Award of Merit, jur: D. Cowden, Tampa

                        Armory Sculpture, SE Sculpture Association, W. Palm Beach, jur: David Edgar

                        Florida Drawing Invitational, Center for Arts, Vero Beach, W. Henning 407-231-0707

                        Florida Pastel Association, Hollywood, FL, M. Camp: 305-923-7591                  

            1994     14th Annual Pastel Drawings, Florida Association, Hollywood, FL.

                        NOMAD Video Festival, "N2TV," Port Townsend, WA, jur: Antero Alli.

                        Florida Center for Contemporary Art, Tampa, FL, jur: Robert Fichter.

                        41st Florida Craftsman, Jacksonville Museum of Art, Jacksonville, jur: Roy Slade.

                       "Intuition's, Gallery of Artifacts & Treasures, Daytona Beach, FL

            1993     Florida Cultural Affairs, LeMoyne Art Foundation, Tallahassee, ref: Dick Pucket   

                         DoubleVision, AIDS ArtReach, LeMoyne Art Foundation: D.Pucket: 850-222-8800  

                         Students Arts League, Spring, FSU Fine Arts Gallery.

             1992    7th Annual North Florida, FSU Center for Professional Development, Tallahassee, FL.  

                         jur:   Amy Viligante Honorable Mention, Sculpture.

                         Student Arts League, Fall, FSU Fine Arts Gallery.



            2012      Cuban Sandwich Show, HCC Gallery, Carolyn Kosar, Ybor Campus

            2007     Exquisite Corpse, Outdoor Poem Installation, HCC, Ybor, D. Audet:  813.253.7674

            2004     Exhibit/Auction for Bud Lee, Lotus Tree Gallery, Tampa, D. Audet 813.253-7000 x5179

            2003     Visions Of Passage, Brad Cooper Gallery, Tampa, Fl   813.248.6098

            2002     Faculty Exhibition, Leepa-Rattner Museum, Tarpon Springs L. Whitelaw: 727.712.5225

                         CubanSandwich, Viva La Frieda’s, re:  D. Audet: 813.935.9232

            GalaCorina4, Tampa Heights, invitational:   M. Calvino: 813.839.2057

            2001     VSA: Very Special Arts of Florida, Collaboration, re: Gay Drennon:  850.322.3635

             GalaCorina3, West Tampa, re:  M. Calvino:  813.839.2057

             2000    Gala Corina2, YborCity Invitational, re:  M. Calvino:  813.839.2057

             1998    Money Honey, 145 Gallery, St. Pete, FL re:  Tiffany:  727-347-6136

             1997    Univ. Tampa Faculty Exhibition, Tampa, FL re: D. Cowden, 813-253-6217

                         Temple Beth-El Invitational, Sculpture Gardens, St. Pete, FL: 727-347-6136

             1996-2009 Brad Cooper Gallery, Ybor City, Tampa

             1996   Art of Golf, St. Pete Center for Arts, donation to Science Center of Pinellas Cty.

                         Film & Video Exhibition, Gallery at 145, St. Pete, FL. re: Tiffany: 727-896-5504

                        St. Leo Faculty Invitational, St. Leo College, St. Leo, FL.

                        Real Lush Too, eclectic contemporary "books" Tampa Museum of Art.

                        First Night Arts Maze, City of Tampa Exhibition, re: T. Schroeder 274-8286

                        Cuban Sandwich Again, Still & Moving Gallery, re: Gordon. Myre 813-238-6242

          1995       Space Place: Science & Tech, international mail arts, Virginia CC, Annandale, VA.

                         Real Lush Too, eclectic "books": to travel from St. Pete Center for the Arts

                         Print Portfolios, invitational FL Center for Contemporary Arts, Tampa, FL

                         First Night Art Maze, City of Tampa, ref: T. Schroeder 813-274-8286

                        Temple Beth-El, Invitational, Sculpture Gardens, St. Pete, FL: 727-347-6136

          1994       "Why The "Y" In Ybor," Installation space for Hills. Moving Company, Playwrights.

                        Cuban Sandwich Now, Still & Moving Gallery, Tampa, FL ref: David Audet.

                        Art For TheSenses, Florida Craftsman, Inc: traveling permanent collection for children.